The module CW-101 extends our range of products in the eld of bus technology. This module makes it possible to connect a CAN bus to a PC, via a USB interface, quickly and easily. It is designed for applications in automation technology, robotics, test benches and as well for automotive and commercial ve- hicle industry. This module o ers the user a simple and cost- e ective CAN interface – without the need to install a driver. 

The CAN USB adapter CW-101 implements the ISO Standard 11898-2 (high speed CAN) with data transmission rates from 125 kbit/s up to 1 kbit/s. In addition, data transmission rates, more frequently used in automation, of 20, 50 and 100 kbit/s are supported, too. Both CAN identi ers 11 bit and 29 bit can be evaluated. 

In conjunction with the software CW-901, the CAN-USB-in- terface not only facilitates simple data logging and analysis, but also targeted (synchronized) transmissions of single CAN messages. Direct support for the widely used CANdb data for- mat (DBC) is optional available. 

The standard connection between the CAN bus adapter and the CAN bus is achieved by means of a D-Sub 9 connector. A special CAN mini USB connector is also available for our CW- 200 series, used to monitor machine and plant applications — other optional cable and connector sets are also possible on request. 


  • Plug and Play, no USB driver required 
  • Runs under Windows, Linux and Mac
  • No power pack required
  • API for C/C++ and C# to integrate in proprietary programs
  • Quick and easy to install and configure (e. g., in conjunction with the software CW-901)
  • Very favourable price-performance ratio
  • Particularly suitable for mobile use thanks to extremely compact dimensions

Technical Data


Number: 1
Type: ISO 11898-2 (highspeed)
CAN-protocol version 2.0 A und 2.0 B, supports SAE J1939 (29-bit-identifier) 
Transmission rate: 20, 50, 100, 125, 250, 500, 666, 800 und 1000 kbit/s, further data rates on request 
Termination: None, optional termination with 120 Ohm resistor
Connectors: D-Sub-socket 9 pin (default)
Micro-USB (optional)
Further on request


Type: USB 2.0 (full-speed)
Transmission rate: 12 Mbit/s (nominal)
Connectors: USB-connector type A

Power Supply

Supply voltage: 5 VDC via USB (buspowered)
Current consumption: 60 mA (at 5 VDC)

Environmental Conditions

Temperature range operation: - 20 °C to +70 °C
Temperature range storage: -20 °C to +70 °C
Relative humidity: 35 % to 85 % non condensing
Protection class: IP40

General Information

Housing: Aluminium housing
Dimensions: 64 mm x 24 mm x 9 mm
Weight: 60 g
Cable length: 180 cm
further cable lenghts on request
LED: 1, visualization of bus- and device condition 
Scope of services:
  • CAN-connection via USB-interface
  • Viszualization of bus-activity via CW-968 software 
  • C/C++ and C# API for integration in custom programs and processes
  • Operation without driver installation


Datasheet CW-101

Download (PDF)

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