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The components test bench (CTB) developed by CANWAY is a highly complex simulation system designed to perform component and integration tests on electronic control units (ECUs). This is a so-called HiL test bench (Hardware in the Loop).

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The components test bench was ordered by a well-known automotive OEM; CANWAY designed, developed and produced the test bench at the customer's request. Today, different design variants of this test bench are installed in development departments throughout the automotive industry. Components test benches are tasked with exhaustively testing individual components, for example a control unit from the onboard network of vehicles destined

for future series production. For instance, amongst others there are several operating elements integrated in the test bench. In addition to real components there are also electronics components designed to perform specific error simulations incorporated in the test bench (for example, failure injection units). In other words, test bench users are able to directly test complex functions. At the same time CANWAY places a great deal of value on flexibility, in the sense of being able to retrospectively extend and alter existing configurations. That makes sense when the dynamic demands of modern development work are taken into consideration. The test bench is equipped with a modular rack system that allows further sub-assemblies to be integrated, extended and altered.

The test bench boasts a high-performance real-time computer to facilitate realistic simulations. This is able to manipulate and analyze in real-time bus systems commonly used throughout the automotive industry (for example: CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST, BroadR-Reach). It is also possible to make available to the network of systems bus devices that are not on the test bench by means of a software-based restbus simulation. In addition, the entire system is connected to a user PC. Using the PC the development engineer is able to perform extensive simulations on the test bench and immediately analyze their results.

Significant focus is devoted to error prevention and the long-term reliability of control units during the development of automotive electronics. With this in mind, CANWAY also offers the product line CW-300 series of test bench technology. Specifically designed for use in HiL test benches these proven modules cover a diverse range of measuring and control functions (M&C). Equipped with appropriate top-hat rail housings it is possible to integrate the modules in the initial system configuration or retrofit them at any time. Several of these modules are installed in the components test bench described here. For instance, there are multiple CW-322 low signal relay interfaces as well as CW-326 failure injection units (to provoke specific errors) as well as other modules in the test bench. 

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