Optical Transmission Unit

The CW-131 “Optical Transmission Unit” from CANWAY offers the option of bidirectional transmission of complete bus systems such as FlexRay™, CAN, LIN and Ethernet over distances up to 500 m.

All told, it is possible to couple 6 CAN buses (4 high speed, 2 low speed), 4 FlexRay™ buses (channels A and B respectively), as well as 2 LIN buses. It is not necessary to configure the system. The connected bus systems are detected automatically and configured at the remote station.

The data of all vehicle buses are transmitted via a fibre optic cable (FOC) comprising just 4 fibres. At the same time the use of optical transmission technology creates electrical isolation between the communication nodes.

Installed in a 19” housing the noise-immune CW–131 is primarily designed to exchange data between different HiL test benches, to connect test benches in different locations and test devices in an EMC chamber.


  • Bidirectional, optical transmission of FlexRay™, CAN and LIN
  • Transmission distances of up to 500 m possible (depending on FOC damping, cable length and bus system)
  • Noise immune due to electrical isolation between the nodes
  • Transmission across all bus systems with deterministic timing
  • Quick and easy to connect (no configuration required)
  • 2 fibres each for 4 FlexRay™ buses and 2 LIN, 2 LS CAN- and 4 HS CAN buses
  • Ethernet with BroadR-Reach technology in preparation


Technical Data

Optical Transmission

Wave length: 850 nm
Laser: Class 1, eye-safe, hot-pluggable
Fibre optic cable: 4 fibers, 50 m are included with delivery
FOC propagation time: 3,333 ns per metre
Connector: LC
Transmission bandwidth: 1,2 GHz


Number: 4
Type: Channel A and B, system startup support of FlexRay-network via FOC
Data rate: 10 Mbit/s
Termination: -
Propagation delay (without FOC): typ. 300ns 
Connector: 9 pin. D-Sub connector per port


Number: 6
Type: 4 CAN ISO 11898-2 (highspeed), 2 CAN ISO 11898-3 (lowspeed)
CAN-protocol version 2.0 A and 2.0 B, supports SAE J1939 (29-Bit-identifier) 
Data rate: Highspeed up to 1Mbit/s, lowspeed up to 125 kbit/s
Termination: -
Propagation delay (without FOC): CAN-highspeed: typ. 1,10 x length of CAN-frame
CAN-lowspeed: typ. 1,02 x length of CAN-frame 
Connector: D-Sub 9 pin. connector per port


Number: 2
Type: LIN-specification 2.0 or 2.1 
Data rate: Up to 20 kbits/s
Propagation delay (without FOC): 1,01 x length of a LIN-character
Connector: D-Sub 9 pin connector per port

Power supply

Supply voltage: 100 VAC to 240 VAC

General information

Housing: 19" rack-aluminium-housing, 2 U, further housings on request
Weight: 3,9 kg
Scope of service:
  • Bidirectional transmission of FlexRay, CAN and LIN
  • Galvanically seperation through optical transmission 
  • Transmission distance up to 500 m
  • Plug-n-play, no configuration necessary

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