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News and further informations of CANway


CW-401 The intelligent current clamp meter with CAN-interface

The CW-401 current clamp meter with a measurement range of ±30 A (further measurement ranges on request) is well-suited for an ambient temperature of -40 °C to +120 °C. Here it achieves  a relative accuracy of 1 % by the help of a temperature compensation. Thanks to its slewable measuring head as well as to its compact and robust design it is possible to take measurements in rugged environments  or hard-to-reach places. Beside the current value the temperature can also be read out easily via CAN-connection. So that the received data can be processed in established tool chains.

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CANnect High Performance Gateway for CAN & LIN - Software Release

With the arrival of the new software version, the Bus-Gateway CANnect has been further improved and equipped with several new features. In addition to the description files CANdb, ARXML and LDF (LIN) the A2L-format (XCP) is now fully supported. XCP is commonly used for an easy access to internal ECU variables. Another innovation is the bidirectional communication of CAN/LIN/XCP messages via Ethernet. The linking  of various networks can be comfortably created  by drag&drop. Even a comprehensive rest-bus simulation can be performed.

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The CW-425 facilitates measuring working currents in the 0 µA to 30 A range. The wide measurement range is made possible by two different measuring shunts, which thanks to a switching delay of less than 2 µS ensures it is possible to switch from one to the other virtually seamlessly.  The measured value of the CW-425 is issued via CAN bus; as a consequence, it can easily be integrated in different measuring chains. The field of application of the CW-425 is, for example, automated measurement of no-load and working currents of control units on HiL test benches.

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