CW-401 – The intelligent current clamp meter with CAN-interface

CW-401, the intelligent current clamp meter, allows high-precision current measurements up to ±30 A with high accuracy of  1 % (rel. to the measured value).  All measurement results are easily provided  by CAN-messages. So the measured data can be used in existing tool-chains, evaluation units or directly within a PLC-system. Especially the usage in established systems is favourable because interruptions of the current-carrying wire or any other impacts are not required.

Consisting of a base unit and a separate sensor head connected by a flexible hose, this current clamp meter stands out for excellent flexibility.  The compact and robust aluminium housing enables measurements even in rugged environments and hard-to-reach places, for instance, in car engine compartments. Even at high temperatures (up to +120 °C) the clamp meter works error-free. 

In addition to its possibility of current measurement, the CW-401 provides integrated temperature measurements at two points.

In the base unit and also in the measuring head precise sensors are located. Furthermore, measured temperature data can be accessed via CAN. The integrated electronic of the base unit and sensor head ensures a nearly complete exclusion of potential disturbances. This is provided by compensating the temperature and the terrestrial magnetic field as well as automatically tuning the toroid remanence. A factory calibration is standardly executed before every delivery. On request, a DakkS-calibration can also be carried out. For further informations, please take a look in the data sheet or let us know your specific application with our contact form. We are looking forward to your inquiry