CANnect High Performance Gateway for CAN & LIN - Software Release

The new software release V1.3.4.0 provides many new features and improvements for the established CANnect gateway. With the help of the new Option XCPonCAN the common measurement and calibration protocol XCP can be used to get direct access to internal ECU signals during runtime. As already performed by CANdb, it is possible to read in A2L-description files for XCP and easily manage the measuring points via drag&drop.


Apart from A2L for XCP, the support of description files has been extended to LDF-files (LIN-Bus) and ARXML-description files for whole networks. CRC-calculations can also be read out of ARXML-description files. Our CANnect is able to realize them together with look-up tables and sequence counters for AUTOSAR CRC-calculations. If description files are changing during the development phase, now it will easily be possible to synchronize  the existing configuration (cross-link-list) with a new file using signal names.

Extension of the import parser to ARXML-, LDF and A2L-Files

The Option Ethernet is another new feature which enables bidirectional communication of CAN, LIN and XCP-messages with  a user-pc via ethernet. Thus, it is possible to save the current data stream of busses on the pc. After having saved the data they can optionally be analyzed or proceeded. Moreover the bus communication can be controlled by the pc. In this way complete test procedures applied in test benches can comfortably  be performed by the CANnect gateway.

Routing CAN-bus to ethernet

The comprehensive formula editor has also been upgraded by the so-called Gate function. If required, an additional output control for messages or signals can be added this way. The output control can be  activated and evaluated or deactivated during the runtime. Input messages can be stored for a certain period and read out by FiFo-principle (first in first out). The access control to the circular buffer can be performed by any bus system. In addition, the new MIN/MAX function makes it possible to determine the minimum or maximum value of a huge amount of physical values, use them for formulas or transmit them via a bus message.

You will be surprised of further improvements in our CANnect also in respect of its usability. Please ask us for a demo-license using our contact form.