CAN FD extension module for the high performance CANnect gateway

Powerful access to CAN FD networks

The new CAN FD extension module now enables the proven High Performance Gateway CANnect for CAN&LIN to also access CAN FD based networks. Amongst other features the compact extension module is equipped with four high performance CAN FD interfaces that facilitate flexible data transmission rates up to 8 Mbit/s. Increased user data length of 64 bytes is one of the many benefits CAN FD offers in comparison with the classic CAN bus. Together with the base unit the extension module forms a multifunctional development tool that is specifically designed to fulfil the requirements in automotive E/E development.

A summary of the essential features of the CANnect CAN FD extension module:

  • 4 x CAN FD (up to 8 Mbit/s)
  • Supports ISO 11898 and non-ISO standards
  • Diverse I/O channels for control purposes (ADC, DAC, DO))
  • Simulates ECUs and sensors
  • Extensive restbus simulation 
  • Standalone operation

Offers numerous application options: It is possible to configure, route/map bus networks on bus, message and signal levels in a very short space of time. Moreover, it is possible to apply a dynamic restbus simulation to simulate non-installed sensors or control units. Utilizing the powerful formula editor it is possible to perform complex calculations of messages and signals as well as event-triggered suppression/transmission events. As is already known from the CANnect base unit it is possible to implement all functions using the user-friendly configuration software CW-921 without the need for complicated programming. In addition, the new extension module offers numerous channels for classic measuring and control purposes: Analog-digital converter, digital-analog converter and digital outputs.


More information about the CANnect CAN FD extension module is available here…