Many users in laboratory environments or in automation engineering make use of high-precision digital multimeters when working on new developments or striving to eliminate faults on their precision electronics. CANWAY has further developed the bidirectional CAN-Ethernet gateway CW-102 and also implemented the interface “Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments protocol“ (SCPI). This user-friendly development means it is now a straightforward process to receive measured values from any measuring instrument that supports the SCPI protocol via the CAN bus and integrate them in downstream software products.

Relevant settings to process the measured data, such as measurement cycle time, measurement range and resolution, baud rate and CAN bus identifier as well as status information are now configured via a web interface. Individual adjustments with regard to the respective measuring instrument can be undertaken in the physical communication layer.

The link via the SCPI interface is just one of the many modification options available, for which the CANWAY CW-102 module is ideally suited. Remote maintenance of test benches and monitoring measured data via the company network infrastructure are further areas of applications that can be implemented with little effort.